Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2017

1776 and all that

I wish you Sir, to believe, and that it may be understood in America, that I have done nothing in the late Contest, but what I thought myself indispensably bound to do, by the Duty which I owed to my People. I will be very frank with you. I was the last to consent to the Separation, but the Separation having been made and having become inevitable, I have always said, as I say now, that I would be the first to meet the Friendship of the United States as an independent Power ... let the Circumstances of Language; Religion and Blood have their natural and full Effect. Das sagt der englische König George III im Jahre 1785 zu dem ersten amerikanischen Botschafter John Adams (er sagt natürlich nicht, was der Dichter Philip Freneau ihn sagen lässt).

Und was sagt die englische Königin heute zu den Amerikanern? Klicken Sie ➱hier.

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