Freitag, 29. Januar 2010


If you really want to hear about it
all that David Copperfield kind of crap,
but I don't feel like going into it.
He asked me what I thought about           
all this stuff I just finished
telling you about.
I didn't know what the hell to say.
If you want to know the truth,
I don't know
what I think about it.
I know it's a poem by Robert Burns
I thought it was
"If a body catch a body
coming through the rye".
People are always
ruining things for you.
She looked so damned nice,
the way she kept going
round and round,
in her blue coat and all.
God, I wish
you could've been there.
Don't ever tell anybody anything.
If you do,
you start missing everybody.

Jerome David Salinger ist am 27. Januar im Alter von 91 Jahren gestorben. Holden Caulfield ist jetzt auch schon über siebzig. Aber für die Leser von The Catcher in the Rye bleibt er ewig sechzehn.

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  1. "We die with the dying:
    See, they depart, and we go with them.
    We are born with the dead:
    See, they return, and bring us with them." (T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets, Little Gidding V)